Healthy Aging: Tips For Longevity

Healthy aging Tips for longevity

Healthy Aging: Tips for Longevity

It is never too soon to consider your future retirement years and make plans accordingly. Science offers ample ways of prolonging both quantity and quality in those later years by eating well, exercising regularly, managing stress effectively and getting regular health screenings.

At any point in your middle age or earlier, prevention and management strategies should become part of your lifestyle to increase longevity. Annual screenings for cardiovascular conditions can reduce heart disease risk; and proper nutrition — with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with protein — is important for brain and muscle function and helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Emotional stability is essential to healthy aging. Long-term studies indicate that those who enjoy positive emotions with less anxiety or depression live longer. Moderate consumption of tea and coffee may provide health benefits; however, try limiting its consumption to six hours or less daily to maximize sleep cycle performance.

Studies show that other lifestyle factors, in addition to diet and exercise, also promote healthy aging: such as quitting smoking, being socially active, and getting enough restful sleep. Although you cannot avoid all illness or disability altogether, using these strategies may allow you to enjoy later years without compromising functional ability and keeping doing what matters to you most.