Encouraging Social Life for Aging Parents

Aging parents Encouraging social life

Elderly adults experience loss of independence as an inevitable part of aging, and adult children should recognize this reality. While it can be hard for aging parents to adjust to losing the ability to drive or pursue hobbies they once enjoyed, encouraging them to continue as many activities they can like going to movies or restaurants together; simply spending time together can bring much happiness.

As soon as it becomes evident that an elderly parent cannot safely take care of themselves, it is essential to discuss their wishes with them – such as who should make decisions for them if they become incapable. Ask your parent to fill out an advance directive form, as well as getting guidance from healthcare professionals or your local area agency on aging for additional resources.

Survey results demonstrate that large majorities of respondents across all nations report providing some form of financial support for their aging parents, with those from lower income households being more likely than those from higher ones to provide assistance. Adults can assist their aging parents by making their home safer by clearing cords off walkways or installing grab bars in bathrooms; furthermore they can learn about available benefits through Benefits Checkup online tools or visiting their local Area Agency on Aging.