Best Anti-Aging Exercises For Seniors

As men age, their muscles begin to atrophy, joints become less flexible, and minds often slow down significantly, with many having trouble remembering important details and getting easily annoyed. Furthermore, sleep quality often declines relative to when they were 20. Reflexes become slower while coordination suffers – all symptoms associated with normal aging. According to one Texas-based study however, exercise may help reverse some of its negative effects.

Strength training should complement aerobic exercises by including bands, weights, bars or dumbbells into your regular work out regimen. Strength training provides the ideal anti-ageing workout because it strengthens muscle health while increasing endurance levels.

High intensity interval training (HIIT), or short burst exercise, has quickly gained in popularity as it offers similar benefits as endurance training in a shorter amount of time. HIIT works at keeping cells young by providing essential energy boosts to mitochondria – an integral component for metabolism and aerobic fitness.

Jumping is one of the most essential exercises to include in an exercise program. Many avoid it out of fear it will harm their knees and hips, according to Hagan; but that’s only an urban legend; any forceful stepping like marching or lunging will work just as effectively and help build bone density and reduce the risk of falls.