Aging Parents: Planning For the Future

Aging parents Planning for the future

Aging Parents: Planning for the Future

One of the greatest challenges when caring for an aging loved one is meeting their safety and care needs. Many adult children may be reluctant to start discussions out of fear their aging parent will resist moving out or changing living arrangements – it’s understandable; as people age they become resistant to change that can feel like loss in control over their lives.

Though initial resistance may arise, it’s crucial that discussions continue without digressing into disagreement or becoming heated. If you need assistance in initiating these conversations, an eldercare advisor could assist in finding an approach.

Communication can be hard, yet crucial, especially with our elder loved ones. While ideally this conversation should happen before any serious health or mobility issues arise, if this has already become an issue it is vital that we assess and create an action plan for the future of their care.

Assess your parent’s health and independence to best assist them. Carefully consider their mobility levels, whether or not they have experienced falls, impairments, financial resources available to them in case additional care may be required, assets they own etc. For assistance on how best to support an aging parent in North Carolina contact Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation today.