Aging Parents: Planning For the Future

Aging parents Planning for the future

Aging Parents: Planning for the Future

For many older individuals, their adult children serve as an essential source of assistance as they age. From financial to emotional assistance and even being primary caregivers for a parent with intellectual or developmental disability – known as “sandwich generation” individuals may experience great strain when trying to care for both family members themselves as well as an aging parent at once.

Finding out when someone needs additional care can sometimes be difficult. While they may recognize they require assistance and ask for it themselves, sometimes emergencies or illness make this clearer than ever. When responding as an adult child to such circumstances it’s essential that we remember our goal is not control but support and be helpful.

At its core, taking time to assess what’s currently going on is key in providing support to an individual living with dementia. Assess their thinking skills, safety concerns and life tasks they are struggling with before making plans based on your findings for the future – whether this means hiring home health aides, visiting physicians or researching retirement communities as necessary – is necessary in making sure their quality of life remains positive and safe. The goal should be ensuring they receive all necessary assistance so they may live a fulfilling and secure existence.