Aging and the Importance of Staying Active

Aging and the importance of staying active

As the old saying goes, “you are only as old as you feel.” Aging is an inevitable process, but there are steps we can take to slow the rate at which we age. One key factor is physical activity – studies have revealed that people who exercise regularly live longer than those who don’t – so now is never too late to start exercising regularly!

Regular exercise can help protect against many health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity and depression. Exercise also improves balance and strength as well as reduce falls risk – and may stimulate mental functions by providing increased blood flow to the brain!

Exercise not only has health advantages but it can also help enhance mood and fight depression. According to research published in Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, individuals who engage in regular physical activities experience more positive emotions than those who don’t exercise regularly.

Exercise may help, but it won’t stop or prevent all the changes associated with growing older. Hormones and changes to bone density and muscle mass will ultimately have an impact on physical performance as we get older; however, adding more movement into your life can boost mood, reduce stress, relieve pain, and ease dealing with illnesses or injuries more effectively.