Aging and the Benefits of Volunteering

Aging and the benefits of volunteering

Volunteering can be a wonderful way to give back to our communities, but did you also know it can have many benefits for yourself as well? From increasing self-esteem and building connections with new people to finding purpose – volunteering offers multiple advantages that help both parties involved.

At its core, volunteering can be immensely satisfying and can have immense psychological rewards. Completing tasks that make an impactful contribution – be it cooking in a soup kitchen or swinging a hammer on a construction site – is immensely gratifying and can greatly lift one’s mood; this can be especially important for older individuals, who may struggle with feelings of isolation. Studies have also revealed that those who regularly volunteer tend to have more optimistic outlooks on life with many describing themselves as contented or even happy!

This can be attributed to their regular interaction with others and undertaking meaningful activities with their time, which helps them feel good about themselves, which can then be brought back into their ‘normal’ daily lives and relationships. Participation can also serve as a confidence-booster, especially for introverted individuals who find it hard talking to strangers regularly; plus it builds vital social skills needed by any age group! Altering your lifestyle this way also helps inform more informed decisions regarding future endeavors and gives a clearer image of what life can look like!