Aging and the Benefits of Swimming

Aging can take its toll on our bodies in many ways. It can lead to muscle atrophy and weakness, joint stiffening and flexibility issues and decreased lung capacity; but there is hope – swimming can slow the aging process!

Swimming provides both cardiovascular and resistance exercise at once, making it the ideal way to work all major muscle groups at once and build muscles while protecting joints – perfect for people living with arthritis or chronic health conditions such as Parkinson’s. Swimming also improves posture and stability which reduces falls risk.

Studies have shown that regular swimming can improve cognitive functions such as memory and reasoning speed, immune system health and mood – making swimming an attractive activity at life plan communities like The Mather in Tysons Virginia. An increasing number of seniors opt to swim at their life plan communities like this.

Rob List, an accomplished Masters swimmer, or simply seeking ways to stay physically and mentally active as you age can attest that swimming provides numerous advantages. Here are eight reasons why it may be worthwhile for you.