Aging and Finding New Passions

As we age, our interests and sources of joy tend to change with age. What interested you when younger may no longer captivate or fulfill you. While this doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative development, unless something new fills your life with purpose and passion it can become detrimental.

Studies show that those who feel they have a sense of purpose in life tend to be happier and healthier. While it may be easy to lose touch with our passions as we age, reconnecting with them during retirement can ensure it will be rewarding and enriching.

Step one in discovering new passions is reflecting back on those moments in your life where you felt most inspired. Page suggests writing down four of the most meaningful experiences and analyzing why they had such an effectful effect. Furthermore, search for themes or patterns among your past interests that might indicate where your true passions might lie.

Once you’ve identified potential passions, it’s essential to stick with them over time. Even though it may take more than one attempt before finding what speaks to you, keep exploring. Consider joining a group class or starting something new as an incentive for staying with it.