The Nominal Cost Distillery Start-Up Plan

Launch your distillery business economically

Initiate your distilling with a focus on bottling – a strategic move

Starting a distillery doesn’t have to mean investing in a large facility, extensive equipment, or waiting years for your spirits to mature.

Embarking on your spirits venture can be smarter and less costly if you start with bottling.

The Fundamental Aspects of Bottling.


To launch your distillery, here are the essentials:.

Ethanol: As the cornerstone of your spirits, it’s crucial to use high-quality ethanol.

Softened Consumable Water: Ascertain that the water mixed in is drinkable and softened for a delicate taste experience.

Prestige Flavoring Essences: Select from a multitude of essences at to develop various spirits, from micro-batch to commercial scale.

Bottles: Select PET plastic bottles to save on shipping costs and for their sturdiness.

Caps, Labels, and Boxes: Essential for packaging, branding, and shipping your products.

Production Space and Equipment

Starting with a simple production space is adequate. Contemplate renting a facility or outsourcing the production work.

A mixing vessel equipped with a stirrer, a fill machine of simple design, a manually operated capping machine, and a basic machine for labeling—or alternatively, hand-labeling—is what you’ll need.

Storage for your products can be as straightforward as using a third-party logistics warehouse or space at home.

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