Three Available Antiaging Treatment Procedures

There are many antiaging treatment programs that can be utilized by the individual who wishes to look younger. Some of these antiaging treatment programs include the use of creams or simply addressing the aging process through the use of natural methods. Some of these natural methods include the eating of certain foods and use of herbs.

Other options available as an antiaging treatment response include techniques that lift areas of the face and inject “fillers” into those areas that are sagging or are wrinkled. Some of these newer antiaging treatment options include the thread lift, fat transfer and the use hylaform.

Thread Lift

The antiaging treatment technique known as the thread lift is a firming and lifting of the facial features. This technique does not require surgery. This process involves the insertion of minute strings which are attached to tissues within the face. Upon attachment the strings, which remain beneath the skin, are drawn taut which cause the sagging skin to draw on itself.

This minimally-evasive antiaging treatment procedure is an ideal antiaging treatment for individuals who are in their thirties or forties. The particular anatomy of those faces best suited for this procedure are the brows and cheeks as well as certain exhibited wrinkles around the nose and eyes.

Fat Transfer

The normal aging process is exhibited through the sagging of the body. Of particular concern is the drooping of the facial features.

An antiaging treatment procedure that addresses this symptom of aging is called the fat transfer. Simply put, fat is extracted from the parts of the body where it is unwelcome and replaced strategically into area of the face. This strategy of relocation takes into account those precise areas of the face that are sagging. The resulting effect accents the construction of the facial features and decreases the drooping skin.


One additional antiaging treatment technique addresses thinning lips. As we age are lips give the appearance of losing their fullness which results in a thin appearance. This appearance of thinning is a combination of wrinkles that appear around the lips and near the nose. This wrinkling is due to the loss of collagen and elastin from the skin.

To counteract this look, an antiaging treatment product known as hylaform is available. This gel-like substance is injected into the area of concern through the use of a very small needle. The amount of hylaform injected depends on the desired affect. In essence it can be likened to a filler.