Antiaging Pill – The Short Cut Pill

There is a lovely saying in English, “If you want a difficult task to be done in the easiest possible manner, give it to a lazy person.” How true! Human beings always looked for short cuts and comforts in life. They always seemed to want more when it comes to comfort, when it comes to having better results faster.

Look at women’s beauty treatments, for example. Once upon a time, the only way to remove unwanted hair from the body was with wax. Soon it was replaced with a better method called electrolysis where with the help of a laser needle it would be able to kill the hair so it never bothered you again. Hardly did this type of treatment stabilize, that the laser diode method came in vogue. In this method, you still use the laser, but instead of applying it hair by hair, it would be applied on a large area of skin whereby the hair would be eliminated faster and easier.

Is There An Antiaging Pill?

Talking from the point of view of one antiaging pill – first, let us make this aspect clear. There is no one such pill available. If this would be so, it would definitely be worth its weight in gold. Imagine, having a pill that you have to take for a certain period after which you are say, ten or twenty years younger. Wow! It makes your heart skip a beat just thinking of such a possibility.

Unfortunately, there is no such magic wand, no such antiaging pill. However, we do have a number of anti-aging related treatments that may make some difference in the weight of the years we carry on our shoulders. One that deserves mention here is the hormone pills/ treatment.

The hormones are the magic wands of the body. These are substances that are produced by adrenal glands, which control the function of the various organs in the body. They also control largely the overall aging process. It is true that in some instances the hormone therapy works wonders. However, there is not sufficient evidence to say that as a rule this could be the much-sought-after antiaging pill. Besides, meddling with the hormones production can be as dangerous as smoking in a dynamite warehouse. You never know when and how it can backfire with fatal results.

Other treatments, besides the antiaging pill, worth mentioning would be the course of supplements of natural anti-oxidants such as goji berries, blue berries, acai berries, mangosteen and so on. Each one of them has been reported to work to some extent or other. However, unless and until we have real proof in terms of findings from standard medical research studies, the reports cannot be generalized for the public at large.