Antiaging And Food Is No Accidental Match

It has often been said that “you are what you eat” but where aging is concerned, eating foods with loads of preservatives, may have the opposite affect. Many people are interested in antiaging and food play a key role in that quest.

There are those who shun diets to lose weight, claiming they are happy with the way they are and feel healthy and see no need to change. There are others, however, who feel happy with who and what they are, but want to be happier a lot longer and address their antiaging and food needs aggressively.

Since eating is a requirement for survival, it is important to eat what is good for you, not limited to maintaining sustenance, but it is a known subject that antiaging and food go together. Supplying nutrition for all the cells in the body is important to reduce the affects of old age, and some are even professed to reverse the effects of aging.

However, since aging is a natural process, stopping it completely has as forgotten as the search for the Fountain of Youth. Staying active, eating right, exercising and getting the required rest the body needs, can be transformed into its own Fountain of Youth.

Some Foods Work To Slow Aging

Since the body does require calories to generate heat and provide energy, to promote antiaging and food, however not all of it can help with that process. Calories in many fast-food meals are considered “empty” calories, meaning processed food, and do not supply the body’s nutritional need to slow aging.

Since the body does need calories, it only makes sense to eat foods with calories that can be a benefit. Those like raw nuts, seeds, barley greens, olive oil and the like can help slow the aging process. Consider the cell replication process in which a cell dies and another is generated to take its place. The need to consider antiaging and food which aids in this is to remember this process.

A replacement cell, which is stronger than the cell it replaces, needs the proper nutrition to keep the body strong and elastic. Undernourished cells replacing the dead ones add to the degenerative process and may add speed to the aging process. Processed foods, artificial coloring, deep fried foods and monosodium glutamates (MSG) only add speed to the process; with many of those with bad nutrition sometimes look older than they really are.