Information On Antiaging – Do We Have Enough?

We live in a modern world, where communication and information is literally at the tips of our fingers. However, we (human kind) are still far, far behind when it comes to understanding Nature, leave along mastering it. From time immemorial people searched for the answer, antidote, secret, formula for antiaging. From the time of Adam and Eve until today, they are still searching.

Clues That Can Lead Us To The Right Information On Antiaging

Look around you – everyday there is something new discovered or re-discovered that seems to be the “right key” to the quest for everlasting youth. Each time humans get excited that ‘this is the one’, they find out in time that it is not exactly what they were looking for. There is the cloning, and the stem cells research and many such studies which promise to unlock the mystery of ageing so it can be controlled. None really succeeded in stopping the clock from ticking.

There are people who believe that exercise, right diet and high thinking is the actual path for living a good life. Once you live a good life, age would not touch you in the same manner that it would do other ordinary mortals. In theory, this is fine. In reality, there is no such thing as ‘the right formula’ that leads to reliable information on antiaging. This is maybe, because there is no such thing as correct information on antiaging. Antiaging concept is there, but it is imaginary.

There are many foods that promote anti-ageing; there are many exercises that will keep your body in top shape no matter what age you are; there are many meditation grounds, which can keep your mind, focused until you glow from within. However, there is no accurate information as to what combination is the right anti-ageing path. Nonetheless, people are still searching, hoping that someday, they will stumble upon the secret information on antiaging and they will enjoy it.

There are billions of dollars spent on research on de-coding the DNA and genes sequence as well as their significance. It seems each cell in the body is born with a fixed, inbuilt clock. When the time runs out in that cell, the clock stops, and the cell dies away. For youths, when a cell dies, another is born and hence, the balance is maintained. However, in old age, too many cells die without replacement, hence, the skin is wrinkled, and body slows down considerably.

Only when our scientist will find out what prevents the cells from regenerating, and how to maintain their constant regeneration process, you can say that you have the “right” information on antiaging – keep searching!