In Search Of the Antiaging Formula

Ever since woman was on earth (and now even the men are caught in this bandwagon), there is a continuous search for that antiaging formula which could make one young forever. There have been many studies and there will be even more, each throwing up one or other theory and findings – but none can really say that they have the antiaging formula – that formula which can make people laugh, be carefree and stay young until death.

Does This Antiaging Formula Exist In Reality?

In my opinion and belief, it exists – however, God does not want us, humans, to have it yet. Many people and billions of dollars have been spent in finding this formula. However, after decades of research, we still do not know how to reverse aging. With what we have right now on us, we cannot claim that we are even closer to finding it.

There are many foods available in the market, which claim that they have stumbled upon the old antiaging formula that is enough to make us happy and hopeful. However, far from being true, the present creams, methods of exercising, and all the processes put together – while they are highly beneficial, cannot be called as the sought after antiaging formula.

For all you know it might not exist at all. Nonetheless, humans will always be on the lookout for the eternal youth fountain, Aladdin’s lamp and similar things – hoping against hope that someday they will find the right antiaging formula and we will stop growing old.

As things are moving ‘scientifically’ there is a lot of speculations all over the world, regarding wonder fruits, which may consist or become an important ingredient of this formula. However, none of these wonder fruits really made any impact in the research studies carried out so far. Though it is very early to say anything on this subject, there is not much hope that any fruit or vegetable can individually be named as the ‘elixir of youth’.

There are however, many ingredients that need to be accommodated, as and when one stumbles over some or other breakthrough in this area. Until then, the way you live, the way you think, they way you behave – should be the changes that you need to incorporate to achieve the elusive antiaging formula.

This is what you can get from the yoga and meditation centers, provided you pay attention and undertake that you will practice these in the same way you are taught in the center.