Antiaging Therapy – Something That Women Value The Most

One day I heard a toddler asking her mom, “Mommy, why don’t we get wrinkles on our feet?”. Why, indeed? It is not known why the cells on the face of the human kind are so delicate while the ones on, say your palms, or feet are so rough-and-tough. If there is something that bothers us, women (and men also nowadays) the most is the rate at which we age.

That aging is a process that cannot be stopped, is common knowledge. However, many ignore the fact that aging actually can be delayed (or forwarded) largely by the way we live and behave in our day-to-day lives. Some of the important factors are things that we take for granted, and some are those, which we prefer to close our eyes and ignore.

The Best Antiaging Therapy Is Prevention

Prevention is the best cure – everyone would readily agree to this statement. However, is this really applicable to aging? Definitely, I would say. Look at the factors that influence aging in the first place – stress, fatigue, wrong diet, smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air and so on. When you look at the factors responsible for fast-forwarding aging, you will immediately understand that prevention can indeed be the best antiaging therapy available at this time.

If you choose to de-stress yourself at regular intervals (as living a stress free life is utopian) it would indeed contribute to ‘youth conservation’. Stress not only is mentally upsetting, it also upsets the chemical balance in the body making the digestive and cardiac systems go haywire. Too much oscillation in this area and you are open to have a faulty system, which will give bad health, worry and the worst, lines across your face as well as bad bones, muscles, digestion and so on.

The abuse of any elements such as cigarettes, alcohol, sex, junk food and so on also fast-forwards aging. In order to understand this, you should understand that aging is, in extremely simple terms, “the process by which one cell dies without getting any replacement; when too many cells die, the tissue sags and becomes old and wrinkled. When the tissue has too many dead cells, it stops functioning”.

This is why the heart stops beating in old people, even if they would be otherwise as healthy as their age dictates. The abuse of the body would be able to counteract successfully any possible antiaging therapy. Hence, in order to maintain youthful appearance – both inside and outside (body and mind) one should adopt the preventive antiaging therapy.

The antiaging therapy would always involve self-discipline, simple living (eating, sleeping, dressing) and high thinking (meditate, do yoga, learn reiki) and overall try to conserve all the good energy of the body towards postponing aging to as late as possible.