Antiaging HGH Treatment May Delay Process

Hormone levels have been shown to become lower as a person grows older and this realization has prompted the popularity of antiaging HGH treatment as a means of slowing down the aging process.

Despite the threat of possible side effects, antiaging HGH treatment has shown a great deal of promise for elderly patients as it has been linked to improved muscle mass, improved memory, the strengthened immune system and revitalized libido. The human growth hormone DHEA is argued to fight against cancer, however the susceptibility of some types of cancer has been noted to increase, such as prostate and breast cancer.

Another popular antiaging HGH treatment involves melatonin. A hormone related to sleep and circadian rhythms and has been used for things like jet lag and minor sleep problems; it may cause nightmares and real-like dreams. Melatonin has also been touted as slowing the aging process as it reportedly has an anti-oxidant function in the brain. This, however, has yet to be medically proven.

Telomerase is another antiaging HGH treatment used to aid the immune system cells and the arteries. Studies have hinted that a reduced level of this hormone has no great affect on muscles or tissues, as they are made up of non-dividing cells; it has shown promise of helping the immune system in the elderly.

Other Treatments Help Human Growth Hormones

Many medical professionals supplement antiaging HGH treatments with the implementation of a dietary regimen and stress the use of garlic. It has been shown as an aid to prevent heart disease and improve texture and tone of the skin. The function of the liver and digestion system is improved by the consumption of garlic, as is dealing with high blood pressure.

Gingko biloba reportedly works on the brain and as a supplement to antiaging HGH treatment; it can slow the affects of Alzheimer’s disease, vision degeneration and circulation. It has also been hinted to have beneficial affects in limiting strokes and dementia.

Those who supplement their antiaging HGH treatment with Ayurvedic medicine have suggested the use of gotu kola which is used for the nervous system and immune system. They also recommend bananas, almonds, avocados and coconuts to help against restlessness and sleep problems.

A yin deficiency is blamed for aging in Chinese medicine and the recommendation is for larger intakes of moistening foods such as barley soup, wheat germ, potatoes, walnuts and even flax seeds. Longevity soup, chicken and mussels are also used.