Rummy History

To an extent the origin of rummy is debatable because a lot of people from various countries have their own accounts of rummy history. Others say it indeed started in Mexico while others say it originated in Spain, but others trace the rummy history back to the olden days of England. Until today, nobody can tell which among these theories is the true and genuine rummy history.

One of the most common impression about the rummy history is that it originated in Spain, a hundred years back they named the card game as Conquian or con quien; “with whom” in Spanish terms. After a few years, by middle of 1800s, this card game found its way to Mexico where some Mexicans insisted that their country originated the game. From Mexico, it was then introduced to the Americans; and they called it in various terms like Cooncan, Coon King and Conkin among many others.

From the United States rummy game spread across other continents like the United Kingdom; and England gave it another name, which is rum; an English slang for the word “odd.” For this reason, rummy history can also be traced in England. In several nations, as this game is becoming more and more popular they later on called it as rummy.

These days, rummy is still one of the few sought-after games among people of various nationalities without regard to age. It is well-loved among groups of people who simply want to have fun and entertainment in playing card games as a group. This game is very well-liked by most families because it allows the whole family to join in the fun.

Consequently, people who love playing card games doesn’t really care about disputing its origin what matters is that different levels of entertainment are attained when playing this game. Having known some insights about the rummy history, you can now play this fantastic card game with your friends, relatives, and family members with full appreciation that the game that you are now playing is still almost the same as the ones being played by various people across globe hundreds of years ago.