Chinese Horoscope – What’s Your Animal Sign?

The Chinese zodiac has different set of signs compared to the typical Western zodiac. There are 12 animals that each correspond to a year instead of a month. The concept of 12 animals in the Chinese horoscope comes from the legend that Buddha once called all the animals to celebrate New Year’s Eve together. But only 12 were able to reach on time. The Ox was expected to reach first since it was the fastest. But the Rat sat on its back and jumped just before reaching the destination. So the Rat is first on the list and the Ox came in second.

The Chinese horoscope generally says about specific human attributes that depend the birth year of each individual. Each of the animal sign represents a particular year with corresponding Chinese elements. It is normal for most believers to consult the Chinese horoscope for guidance particularly when it comes to human relationships. The compatibility shows the general attributes per individual who is born on a particular year and to which individual he/she is compatible with.
Below are the 12 animal signs in the Chinese horoscope and their compatibility readings:

Rat – These folks are charming, appealing, aggressive, thrifty and creative. They make good bankers, businessmen and accountants. They are compatible with Dragons and Monkeys.

Ox – Folks under this sign can withstand difficulties, they’re methodical and hardworking; naturally creative, clever, honest, very down-to-earth and practical. They make excellent architects, technicians, dentists and surgeons. The Ox is compatible with the Rat, Snake and Rooster.

Tiger – They are born leaders and made to compete and fight. They love taking risks and are often associated with trouble. They make great military leaders, teachers and firemen. They’re compatible with the Dog, Horse, and Dragon.

Rabbit – They are social and happy beings. These folks are attention-magnets in occasions and gatherings. They have the ability to sense a person’s character and are very sensitive to falsehood. They make excellent receptionists, pharmacists and brokers. They are compatible with the Dog, Pig and Ram.

Dragon – These people are extroverts and always updated about fashion. They make superb doctors, artists and architects. They’re compatible with the Monkey, Rat and Rooster.

Snake – They are romantic, well-informed, passionate, self-critical and determined. They make good writers, psychologists and professors. These folks are compatible with the Dragon and Dog.

Horse – They are hard workers, independent, popular and self-willed. They make great politicians and financiers. They are compatible with the Tiger and Ram.

Ram – They are charming, elegant, pessimistic and hesitant. They are also talented and religious. The make good entertainers, photographers and gardeners. They are compatible with the Boar and Horse.

Monkey – They are clever, vain, mischievous, deep thinkers and can be eccentric. They excel in the fields of trade, politics and law. These folks are compatible with the Rat and Dragon.

Rooster – These folks are industrious and diligent. They make excellent cooks, public relations officers and beauticians. These people are compatible with the Ox and Snake.

Dog – These people are honest, loyal and have a sense of duty. They make superb leaders such as educators and priests. These people are compatible with the Tiger and Horse.

Pig – They are trustworthy, sincere and honest. They are considered finishers and are dedicated in giving details. They make good bankers, doctors and businessmen. They are compatible with the Ram and Rabbit.

Telling one’s fortune is not the purpose of the Chinese horoscope; instead, it is a reliable source of general information about a person’s character, talents and biases. And lastly, don’t worry if you get a negative reading based on your Chinese zodiac sign; just enjoy, take note and learn from your daily experiences.