Welcome to the Society where Genes live! .

Turn your hobby into something conducive by helping others through Genealogy Society where you can share the same enthusiasm and yearning for your family lineage while tracing your ancestral roots .

Different objectives are tackled in different Genealogy Society instituted across the State beginning with the upholding and encouraging active interest in Genealogy, fostering education, training and increasing quality and standards while advancing access and preservation of Genealogical Records .

When you become a member of the Genealogy Society, you will be engaged in genealogical research you may find fascinating not only about your ancestors but about history, culture and most importantly, yourself . We are all about vanity and looking deeper about ourselves is hard to resist!. This is a continuous journey of acquainting with your own and answer questions about your purpose and the element of your existence .

The structure of a Genealogy Society varies depending on the State that is governing and promoting it . For some, they have their interest group, resources, latest news and calendar of activities . They have collections of CD-ROM’s, graphs, microfiche ( a sheet of microfilm with details presented in a grid pattern), microfilms, tapes and family periodicals.

The members of the society have privileges like Service Section which asks for Contact Sought, Information Wanted, Information Offered, Family Reunion, etc. .

If you intend to channel your adept in Genealogical quest, Genealogical Society is opening their doors for you. When you join the organization, you will be exposed to narrower-focus articles and recordings covering genealogical methods, in general and historical background available for areas of particular research interest or to which their research finding led them .

The probability of working together with other Historians and Genealogist electronically and the opportunity of learning from them through shared experience. Connecting and contributing actively in protecting counties, localities and topics, and the ability to review past documentations are some benefits from the Genealogy Society.

In the chase for truth, Genealogy Society is not only visible to gain profit and reach popularity . It is on hand to assist people in behalf of their self-actualization state, has thought of their family journals and express gratification to be lined up from it .